16th july 2002 / 1.18pm
I just typed:

u32 numberOfRights = 0;

when I meant to type numberOfWrites.

I was struck by just how profound that has turned out to be in the world of technology hacking. :-/

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14th july 2002 / 11.35pm
Chef Boy-ar-Dre
Chef Boy-ar-Chuck-D

Did reading that make you laugh?

Poll #46680 hahapoopoohead



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13th july 2002 / 9.34pm
Sometimes I take pictures of myself which actually turn out pretty decently without any modification. You can see how unshaved I am in this one:

Poilu comme le loup / Hairy like the wolfCollapse )

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13th july 2002 / 12.44pm
It has been a very nice Saturday morning thus far.

I got up late after sleeping like the dead, then made myself an incredible roast beef sandwich with a fresh bâtard loaf, colby jack cheese and romaine lettuce. Now I'm just lounging around until I work up the energy to go have a shower, and then I am going to get some clothes and supplies for my trip next week. Unfortunately, it's the only time this weekend I'll probably have to do it, since I need to work tomorrow. :-(

But no matter--I shall enjoy this day!

To those in the Ottawa area who want to meet up: my schedule for the trip is very tight, so I don't know if getting together will be possible. I have almost all my plans figured out to the hour. However, I might be able to meet up briefly on the morning of the 22nd (that's a Monday) before I drive back to Toronto, but I will let you know what happens. I'll keep you updated.

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11th july 2002 / 10.33pm
On being (a) behind
Ugh, I am behind on my promised LJ entries, replies, e-mails, test code for work, etc. I suck. Suck suck suck.

The company I work for leads a software standards group. I noticed some replies near the fax machines from other member companies voting on some standards changes. I amused myself by thinking how cool it would be to send fake ballots with initiatives like, 'Proposed Change 3.5: That the readData() method erase all the customer's data whenever the current system time is between 10pm and 11pm: YES( ) NO( )'.

That was geeky. Ugh.

I'm going to Canada for a few days next week and the week after. I'll be catching up with friends and seeing the glorious GTA and Outaouais regions as well as the less glorious Hamilton area. :-) I should also be sampling all the things that I miss most about Canada: Harvey's, Pizza Pizza, Timmy's, and a lot of Molson Canadian. My hoser friends take all these things for granted, but living in Texas means none of this wonderful stuff. I can get Canadian, but it just doesn't taste the same as it does up there. :-/

Anyway, I am looking very forward to that as I'm sure you can imagine. Maybe I should quit my job and open up a Tim Horton's down here and teach these people how donuts are made. Krispy Kreme be damned! Yes, they have bagels and I want 'em. :-)

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10th july 2002 / 6.32am
So... early! Can't... think... properly.

Well, I got to work at 6:00am. Model wage-slaves like me put all personal needs (like sleep, breakfast etc.) aside for the good of the company. I expect to be richly rewarded by my keepers, but that ain't gonna happen. Perhaps one of the marketing monkeys will get my raise this year for coming up with an especially novel ad campaign involving italicized letters and 'vision sharing' and that ever-popular 'leveraging'.

Carry on then.

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9th july 2002 / 10.24pm
niwi wrote this song on the weekend but, absolutely incredibly, thinks it's bad. I think it is perhaps one of the most beautiful, expressive and heartfelt songs I've ever heard. She'd never in a million years allow me to post an MP3, but please post on her journal and tell her that it's a wonderful song.

Music and lyrics by niwi

White bird
What do you see?
Standing in the water
Looking back at me

Do you think
That I look strange?
Is my appearance
So out of your range?

White bird
Who do you love?
Do you have babies at home?
Or are you more like me
Doomed forever to roam?

I stare into your expressionless eyes
It's only then that I realize

You with your wings
You're just like me
We're both bound
By a will to be free

Maybe one day
We'll both fly away
White bird and me

Maybe one day
We'll both fly away
White bird and me

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9th july 2002 / 10.48am
... [T]he White House said Bush plans to propose lengthening jail time for criminal fraud by corporate officers and directors, doubling the maximum jail term for mail and wire fraud to 10 years[.]

I'll shit my pants the day I see a corporate officer go to jail. Highly-paid defence lawyers ensure that the Enrons, Worldcoms, and Global Cro$$ings of the world and their officers go scot-free.

Who loses? Investors. People who put money in mutual funds and 401(k) plans so they and their spouses might be able to eat and afford health care (which is fucked up enough in itself) when they retire. Stock prices plummet, investors lose savings. Meanwhile, company officers continue to snort coke off the proverbial hooker's tits.

Much like campaign finance reform, even if new laws and regulations were passed, I'm sure there'd be enough holes to fly a few corporate Cessnas (Cessnae?) through. As long as Bush, stinky Pitt and his cronies are at the top, I wouldn't look for these laws to have much in the way of gums, let alone teeth.

Class warfare now, anybody?

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8th july 2002 / 8.59pm
I just wanted to show off the new icon I made. :-)

I'm going to bathe my filthy self now. Hot bath, here I come!

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7th july 2002 / 10.28pm
It strikes me now, long after I'd cooked myself macaroni, that what I really wanted was popcorn chicken from KFC. Sigh.

I am so suggestible to advertising: I was watching TV, well after my pot of water had boiled, and as soon as the KFC commercial came up, it was clear, as if ordained by a higher authority. Yea verify, I did lust after that popcorn chicken.

But I suppose that I am $5 richer, if not slightly healthier, for not having gone out to get some.

I think I'll be going to bed now, since I've got to go to work tomorrow. (I have considered 'coming down with something', if you know what I mean, but that would just delay the inevitable.)

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